The bubble isnt the problem. Since we dont often hang out with anyone beside each other I dont want my S.O to feel jealous or left out of this new friendship. Is that weird?

If your S.O is feeling jealous, then you may need to have a wee talk about the fact that, a) You’re not interested in this person romantically and, b) that being jealous over a potential new friendship is kind of possessive.
I’d encourage you all hang out together for starters, I think that would build some trust amongst the three of you.

To eventually answer your question though, considering your partners feelings isn’t weird at all.

So I met this person and we hit it off on a different kinda level than me and my S.O. I dont fancy this new person sexually, I just want to be friends with them but my S.O and I live in a little bubble and we dont often meet new people. Help.

How much of a problem is this little bubble? Meeting new people and becoming friends with them is healthy. It’s good to connect with different people on different levels.

Go forth and make friends